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These refreshing moist ball wipes are specially designed to meet men’s unique hygienic needs and provide extra care for your intimate parts by getting rid of sweat and bacteria. They keep "the boys" clean and refreshed and Active pH Control™ reduces the risk of itching and irritation, while soothing aloe leaves skin smooth and balanced.
Our individually packaged wipes can be carried in your pocket or wallet, since they’re approximately the size of a credit card. Great for daily use at work, at the gym, camping, while traveling, or anytime a shower is not available.

  • Infused with aloe to soothe, calm, and refresh the skin
  • Active pH Control™ to protect from irritation and itching
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made of soft woven material

Each pack contains 15 individually wrapped Crop Mop wipes.

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pH Protection Made For Travel


designed to perform

protection and freshness

Formulated with proprietary anti-chafing ingredients to keep your balls silky soft and healthy. Wipe away bacteria to maintain optimal sexual health and reduce unpleasant crotch odor.


Crop Mop wipes feature Manscaped’s proprietary ingredients to actively balance pH levels for gentle cleaning and refreshing, especially with the effects of the soothing aloe.

Proprietary Technology

Made of a sturdy, multi-layer woven fabric. Extra strong and leave no fabric residue on skin. No lint balls here.

how to use

The average day can be quite taxing for the male groin. Whether you’re sitting all day in front of a computer, or hammering away at construction, your balls take a beating. So much so that one may want to take an immediate shower, but sometimes that shower is hours away. So, keep your family jewels clean and fresh throughout the day with the Crop Mop wipes.

Simply tear open package, remove wipe, unfold, and gently wipe around the back and under the sack for maximum freshness and protection. Repeat as necessary.

pro tip:

Use Crop Mop wipes anytime you need to freshen up the male intimate area: after a long day at work, a workout, or getting ready for a night on the town.

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Featuring Active ph Control™

Try The Crop Mop

Featuring Active ph Control™

Try The Crop Mop

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