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How do I use The Weed Whacker™?

To use The Weed Whacker™:

  • Fully charge your trimmer before use by plugging it into the USB charging cable. We recommend a full, 90-minute charge.
  • Turn the trimmer on by pressing the power button on the front of the device.
  • Carefully insert the tip of the head into your ear or nose while making sure not to press too hard. Do not force the trimmer into the nose or ear canal. If you feel discomfort, you’ve pushed too far into the canal.
  • Once finished trimming, turn off the Weed Whacker™ by pressing the power button and carefully remove it from your nose or ear. Make sure to rinse the blade clean with warm water after each use.

For more information on the proper maintenance and use of your Weed Whacker™ you can also refer to our MANSCAPED™ "Let's Get Whackin" Guide below:

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